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If you're having difficulty creating graphics for your business or find it challenging to navigate, Canva Pinkprint is the solution for you. Not only will it provide you with inspiration to get back on track, but, by learning how to save money on graphics without the need for hiring a graphic designer, Canva Pinkprint enables businesses to create professional-looking visuals that align with their brands' image.

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This course is designed to be universal, suitable for all professionals, including upcoming realtors, makeup artists, chefs, photographers, hair stylists and more. By taking this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to create high-quality content for your business. Our aim is to help you reach your goals and successfully promote your brand with effective content creation strategies.

It's worth mentioning that this entire page was constructed on canva, which truly demonstrate the limitless potential for creativity with this platform. 

  • How to grow your business with Canva

  • Learn how to create E-Books for profit

  • Learn how to sell your templates

  • How to create marketing and social media design projects

  • How to create print and digital content

  • Effective use of tools and elements in Canva

  • Learn How to bring your Canva skills to the next level

  • Learn the fundamentals of Canva & graphic design while having fun

  • Learn how to design web and digital design projects

  • Advanced design techniques for creating professional-quality graphics.

  • Save time and money by designing your own graphics using Canva

  • How to earn easy and flexible passive income through Canva

  • Learn how to use Canva to create and sell digital products on platforms.

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