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Instant download! 


Learn how to create custom backdrop designs using Canva and Photoshop! 

Each day will feature a unique design.



Th Pink Carnvial (Canva) 

Bearly Can Wait (Photoshop)




Please check your email/spam folder for access to class.



What's included 

  • List of Vendors Printing  
  • Mock Ups Template
  • Step by Step Backdrop Designs 
  • Must Have Fonts 
  • Graphic Resources to find your images 




    Day 1: Create Custom Backdrop in Canva

    Day 2: Create Custom Backdrop in Photoshop 


    Class Requriements


    • Free Verison on Canva or Canva Pro.  Click here
    • Photohop ( If you dont have Photoshop, start your free 7 days trial prior to class)  Click here

    Backdrop Crash Course

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